Here is a lovely little piece from the third volume (per the Tezak edition). This is marked Allegro Vivace, half note 88. Such a tempo seems unproductive for a trombone player. Even on a woodwind instrument, I don’t think that does justice to the melody. Here I have set it to an “atmospheric” accompaniment that is more like quarter note = 125. At that tempo, it is still plenty challenging, but not so frantic.


In the following example, we have the melody played on oboe d’amour. I also created a duet part that is heard here on English horn (an instrument that is neither English nor a horn. It is more correctly called an “angled horn” or cor anglais in the original French, due to the angled bocal. “English horn” is a linguistic mistake that we are stuck with. C’est la vie.)


Here is the piece with the melody played on trombone and the harmony played on English Horn. The solo music is here.

I have arranged this piece as a duet for various instrument groups (oboes, trombones, trumpets, clarinets, bassoons) here. This is free to use for educational non-profit use. Please include my copyright statement on any copies or recordings of this material.

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