This site is offered as a free public service to help musicians, especially brass instrument players fine-tune their musicianship.  The site is focused on the Bordogni Melodious Etudes.  This site is presented from the perspective of a trombonist, but these etudes can be useful for any instrument.

Many musicians have found the Bordogni Melodious Etudes to be excellent training for phrasing, tone production, technique and breath control. This site provides accompaniments for many of the more popular Bordogni etudes. Most of these accompaniments are set in a modern style, showing that the Bordogni melodies are ageless.

Bordogni etudes have been published in many editions over the years.  This site refers to the selections as they are organized and edited in the Mark Tezak edition, which consists of 5 volumes.

This music can be purchased here and here.